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Viewing rgc's Tobacco Cellar

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Cellar Summary - 6 open containers, 29 cellared containers holding 4 lbs 5.5 oz
Based on past usage, this cellar should last for 3 years and 7 months (~ Jun 2023)
Puffing at the average rate of 0.1 oz, approx 1 bowls Daily (total approx 1.6 oz Monthly)
Open Containers - 6 containers are open.
Brand Blend Name   Type Storage Oz. Buy Date Tin Date Age Opened Est. Left Days Left
Savinelli 140th Anniversary Click for details
Commemorating 140 years of pipe making tradition, Savinellis 140th Anniversary Blend is an elegant mixture of red and bright Virginias, spiced with Orientals and choice dark-fired florets from Italy, and infused with subtle notes of citrus and wildflowers for a unique and satisfying smoke.

The special florets used in this blend are a staple in Italian cigar production, and are all grown and double-fermented on a singular farm in the Tuscan Tiber Valley region of Italy— a location recognized for its history and tradition of tobacco cultivation dating back to the 17th century.
Va, Bur, Or Mason Jar 3.5 07/09/19 02/18/19 5 mo 07/09/19
Rattray Black Mallory Click for details
The basic tobaccos are broadly akin to those of Red Rapparee. Carefully apportioning of the quantities of seasoning leaf brings about a dark full-bodied mixture. A notable tobacco. --(Submitted by commonsenseman)
Va, Or Mason Jar 3.5 09/03/19 09/05/19
Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Family Reserve Click for details
Blended by Erik Stokkebye, this special aromatic blend of Black Cavendish, Burley and Virginia tobaccos has hints of marzipan, spices and vanilla. --(Submitted by rgc)
Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Mason Jar 3.5 04/19/19 04/24/19
Hearth and Home Heart of Darkness Click for details
The Hearth & Home Marquee Series has a number of robust Latakia blends, and heres another to add, if youre a fan of the smoky leaf. Heart of Darkness has a good amount of Cyprian Latakia along with bright Orientals and sweet flue-cured tobaccos for a rich and satisfying experience thats perfect for later in the day.
Lat, Or, Va Mason Jar 1.7 05/04/19 3 mo 08/08/19
MacBaren HH Old Dark Fired Click for details
A bold flake of dark-fired burleys in a well balanced unity with Flue-cured Virginias. This flake is Hot Pressed, meaning that during the pressing, heat is added by steam to the tobaccos which causes the tobacco to intensify the marrying process giving us a bolder tobacco. The robust, earthly flavour of the dark-fired burleys shines through in the taste, and you will experience a deeply satisfying smoke indeed.
Bur, Va Mason Jar 3.5 08/20/19 08/24/19
Dunhill Ready Rubbed Click for details
Mature, flue-cured leaf from USA, Brazil and Africa is blended with sun-cured and smoky fired tobaccos from Indonesia and India. This is pressed into Cavendish and topped with a subtle flavor.
Cav, Aro, Va Mason Jar 1.7 03/01/19 04/30/17 1 yr 11 mo 03/10/19
Cellared Containers Summary - 29 containers are cellared holding 4 lbs 5.5 oz (see details)
Qty Brand Blend Name   Type Tot.Weight Containers Avg.Age Oldest
1 Brebbia Balkan Click for details A classic blend containing Orientals, smoked Kentucky, Louisiana perique and 40% Syrian latakia Lat, Bur, Or, Per, Va 1.7 oz 1 4 mo 4 mo
3 Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake Click for details Hand stripped Flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf steamed and pressed to medium brown. Cool, sweet and mild. Va 5.1 oz 3 3 yr 6 mo 4 yr 4 mo
1 Rattray Black Mallory Click for details The basic tobaccos are broadly akin to those of Red Rapparee. Carefully apportioning of the quantities of seasoning leaf brings about a dark full-bodied mixture. A notable tobacco. --(Submitted by commonsenseman) Va, Or 3.5 oz 1 2 mo 2 mo
1 Dunhill Flake (new label) Click for details Medium strength flake of selected grades of Lemon and Bronze Virginias. One of Dunhills most expert blends of highest quality. New label due to idiot laws banning the word light in connection with tobacco. Formerly called Light Flake. Va 1.7 oz 1 3 yr 11 mo 3 yr 11 mo
1 Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Click for details Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake is for lovers of pure pressed Virginias. Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark color that creates a pipe smokers dream. Va 4 oz 1 1 yr 4 mo 1 yr 4 mo
4 Drew Estates Gatsby Luxury Fake Click for details Va, Cav 6.8 oz 4 1 mo 1 mo
1 MacBaren HH Vintage Syrian Click for details A little under half of the volume, is a smooth and yet powerful Latakia from Syria. This tobacco gives the blend the overall smoky taste. To add a spicy note to the blend, Turkish Oriental has been added. Lat, Or, Va 8 oz 1 1 yr 8 mo 1 yr 8 mo
1 Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake Click for details Luxury Navy Flake is made with very mature Old Belt flue-cured Virginias spiced with Louisiana Perique. Only available in bulk, generally. Va, Per 4 oz 1 1 yr 8 mo 1 yr 8 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Margate Click for details A classical English mixture done in the old style of many of the fine tobaccos that have now disappeared from the market place. Choice Orientals and generous quantities of premium Cyprian Latakia keynote this rich, full bodied blend. A well balanced, robust and eminently satisfying smoke. Lat, Or, Va 8 oz 1 1 mo 1 mo
1 Esoterica Tobacciana Pembroke Click for details A luxury English blend (Margate) is married with fine French Cognac. This outstanding mixture is a match made in heaven. Rich taste with character to match. A symphony of delicate aromas and elegant flavors. Aro, Lat, Or, Va 2 oz 1 11 mo 11 mo
2 Robert McConnell Scottish Cake Click for details Scottish Cake - A blend from the companys beginnings this coarse-cut Broken Flake is a great favorite for young and old. Dark brown in its color, the seasoned pieces may directly be tampered into the pipe or even lightly broken to suit a smaller bowl. Produced from a mixture of Eastern Carolina, Kentucky and Middle Belt, that are pressed for a week and coarse cut. It has to rest for some days until it has hardened. Then it is packaged. A very popular tobacco and very slow in its burning. Va, Bur 3.4 oz 2 2 yr 5 mo 2 yr 5 mo
6 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Click for details A classic English categorized tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke. Lat, Or, Va 11.1 oz 6 1 yr 12 mo 3 yr 3 mo
2 Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader Special Edition 2019 Click for details Squadron Leader Original Recipe with Perique, Special Edition 2019 Lat, Or, Va 3.4 oz 2 5 mo 5 mo
1 Robert Lewis Tree Mixture Click for details A fine Latakia mixture. Specially blended for long time Robert Lewis customer, Colonel Tree. Lat, Va 1.7 oz 1 4 mo 4 mo
3 Hearth and Home Viprati Click for details Va, Bur, Per 5.1 oz 3 6 mo 6 mo
Cellared Blends Breakdown
Blend Type    
Lat,Or,Va 10 Lat,Or,Va 10 34%34%
Va 5 Va 5 17%17%
Va,Cav 4 Va,Cav 4 14%14%
Va,Bur,Per 3 Va,Bur,Per 3 10%10%
Va,Bur 2 Va,Bur 2 7%7%
Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 Aro,Lat,Or,Va 1 3%3%
Lat,Bur,Or,Per,Va 1 Lat,Bur,Or,Per,Va 1 3%3%
Lat,Va 1 Lat,Va 1 3%3%
Va,Or 1 Va,Or 1 3%3%
Va,Per 1 Va,Per 1 3%3%
Cellar Container Aging Breakdown
10 yr+ 0
5 yr+ 0
4 yr+ 1 4yr+ 1 3%3%
3 yr+ 5 3yr+ 5 17%17%
2 yr+ 3 2yr+ 3 10%10%
18 mo+ 2 18mo+ 2 7%7%
1 yr+ 1 1yr+ 1 3%3%
6 mo+ 7 6mo+ 7 24%24%
< 6 mo 10 < 6mo 10 34%34%
Containers Opened/Used History (with OPEN date provided)
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
140th Anniversa.. 140th Anniversary Wt:3.5oz Opened:07/09/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:5 mo
Best Brown Flak.. Best Brown Flake Wt:1.7oz Opened:05/31/2019 Finished:06/16/2019 Days used: 15 Age was:3 yr 3 mo
Black Mallory Black Mallory Wt:3.5oz Opened:03/10/2019 Finished:05/25/2019 Days used: 75 Black Mallory Wt:3.5oz Opened:09/05/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Cerberus Cerberus Wt:1.7oz Opened:05/11/2019 Finished:06/04/2019 Days used: 23
Dunbar Dunbar Wt:2.0oz Opened:07/12/2018 Finished:05/17/2019 Days used: 309 Age was:1 mo
El Nino El Nino Wt:1.8oz Opened:04/10/2019 Finished:05/10/2019 Days used: 29
Family Reserve Family Reserve Wt:3.5oz Opened:04/24/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Gatsby Luxury F.. Gatsby Luxury Fake Wt:1.7oz Opened:10/02/2019 Finished:10/23/2019 Days used: 20
Golden Sliced (.. Golden Sliced (red) Wt:1.7oz Opened:06/12/2019 Finished:07/06/2019 Days used: 23 Age was:3 yr 6 mo
Heart of Darkne.. Heart of Darkness Wt:1.7oz Opened:08/08/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:3 mo
HH Acadian Peri.. HH Acadian Perique Wt:3.5oz Opened:04/24/2019 Finished:07/16/2019 Days used: 82 Age was:3 yr 4 mo
HH Old Dark Fir.. HH Old Dark Fired Wt:3.5oz Opened:08/24/2019 Finished:open Days used: -
Ready Rubbed Ready Rubbed Wt:1.7oz Opened:03/10/2019 Finished:open Days used: - Age was:1 yr 11 mo
Scottish Cake Scottish Cake Wt:1.7oz Opened:06/16/2019 Finished:08/08/2019 Days used: 52 Age was:2 yr
Squadron Leader Squadron Leader Wt:2.0oz Opened:04/22/2019 Finished:06/15/2019 Days used: 54 Age was:1 mo
Tree Mixture Tree Mixture Wt:1.7oz Opened:07/03/2019 Finished:10/04/2019 Days used: 92 Age was:1 mo
Viprati Viprati Wt:1.8oz Opened:04/10/2019 Finished:05/29/2019 Days used: 48
  J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

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