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Pipe Social Network News
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12:38 majkeli logged in
10:53 Coco Holly puffed a bowl of GL Pease Westminster
10:53 Coco Holly logged in
10:20 glassjapan logged in
9:14 Danno44 finished container of Hearth & Home Chatham Manor
9:13 Danno44 added container of Danno44 Yardwork 1
9:12 Danno44 logged in
1:53 joebattsarm logged in
1:36 NickThaFish finished container of Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Bobs Chocolate Flake
1:36 NickThaFish logged in
1:27 esanjerseys logged in
23:59 36CPMG searched for blends
23:56 36CPMG logged in
21:15 Tallpuffoburley finished container of Comoy Cask no 4: stand fast navy
21:15 Tallpuffoburley logged in
21:10 DrT999 logged in
20:16 deatobacco logged in
19:56 Rothesay logged in
19:23 Price logged in
16:38 Danno44 finished container of Danno44 Yardwork 1
14:32 Cmvolker finished container of Robert McConnell Scottish Flake
14:31 Cmvolker logged in
14:26 Smokingwolf logged in
14:7 Chrispipes added container of McClelland Virginia No.24
14:7 Chrispipes added container of McClelland Virginia No.24 (again 2)
14:5 Chrispipes puffed a bowl of McClelland 40th Anniversary
14:5 Chrispipes logged in
13:42 SmokingHawk logged in
10:29 Riff Raff searched for blends
10:27 Riff Raff logged in
9:13 Wendigo opened container of Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake (970P)
9:12 Wendigo logged in
8:29 Tallpuffoburley puffed a bowl of Smokers Haven Our Best Blend
6:10 wsclifton added container of Scandinavian Tobacco Group Escudo Navy Deluxe (new label)
6:6 wsclifton added container of Dunhill My Mixture 965
6:5 wsclifton added container of Dunhill Standard Mixture Full
6:1 wsclifton logged in
4:39 Pandam logged in

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