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W.O. Larsen 1864 Va, Bur, Cav Consists of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos from the best tobacco fields on three continents. The balanced Virginia tobaccos are blended with fermented Black Cavendish and premium Burley from the USA, Malawi and Mexico.
W.O. Larsen Classic Cav, Aro, Va Golden Virginia from North Carolina and top grades of tobaccos from Brazil, Malawi, Mexico and Zimbabwe with an addition of Black Cavendish are blended with the greatest care. A blend which by its pleasant flavor ensures many hours of comfortable and enjoyable relaxation to the pipe smoker.
W.O. Larsen Collectors Blend
W.O. Larsen Curly Flake No.32
W.O. Larsen Fresh & Elegant (none)
W.O. Larsen Kentucky Gold Bur, Va An exquisite blend of many fine tobaccos. Toasted Burley and Virginia Cavendish, blended with loose and square cut Golden Virginia. The Kentucky Gold is finished with full flavor Kentucky Dark Fire Cured tobacco in loose cut. A medium strength blend for the experienced pipe smoker who appreciates the flavor and good taste of natural tobaccos.
W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2010 Aro, Bur, Cav, Va The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This high class mixture of selected ripe Virginias, nutty Burley and delicate Black Cavendish is refined with a variety of colorful flavours: Sweet vanilla, exotic fruits and delicious brandy create an outstanding room note. The addition of fine white rose leaf completes this playful essence of luxury.
W.O. Larsen Mellow Mixture Va, Cav The perfect all-day smoking mixture. Well aged Virginias and Cavendish are skillfully prepared in this cool, refreshing blend.
W.O. Larsen Navy Flake
W.O. Larsen Old Belt Ready Rubbed Va A blend of mature Orange Virginia tobaccos from the Old Belt in Virginia and North Carolina. The blend is lighted pressed into tobacco cakes, which are stored for aging. After cutting, the tobacco is rubbed out to faciliate easy filling of the pipe and an even burn. The tobacco burns exceptionally well with a cool smoke and a well-balanced and supreme natural taste.
W.O. Larsen Old Fashioned Va, Aro, Bur A blend of Virginia and Burley leaf that has been selected from the best tobacco fields in the world. No effort has been spared as one part of the blend has been pressed into cakes and aged, while the other part is finished in different cuts. Finally the different parts are blended and top-flavored by hand.
W.O. Larsen Selected Blend No. 50 - Light Sweet Cav, Bur, Va This beautifully balanced blend of Virginia, Granulated Cavendish, Toasted Cavendish and sweet, mature Burley tobaccos is made according to an old recipe that has led the pipe smoker through many ages of pleasure.
W.O. Larsen Selected Blend No.80 - Light Aromatic Aro, Bur, Cav, Va High grade Virginia tobaccos and Black Toasted Cavendish are blended to perfection in this exquisite mixture. The smoothing touch of aged Burley imparts a fresh, light sweet note that is beautifully enhanced when smoked in a medium-sized pipe.
W.O. Larsen Shamrock (none)
W.O. Larsen Signature Vintage Mixture Va, Bur, Cav Vintage Mixture is a superb Danish Mixture blended to perfection with natural Virginia from the best areas in Malawi and Virginia, and ripe Burley from Mexico and Kentucky. To achieve the delicate mildness they have added mild black Cavendish.
W.O. Larsen Sweet Aromatic Aro, Bur, Cav, Va A superior aromatic mixture characterized by extra mild Black Cavendish tobaccos, mature Virginia and a touch of Burley. It has been flavored with an extremely mild blend of sweet vanilla type flavors and fresh fruity notes to obtain a long-lasting taste and a very pleasant aroma. Easy to fill into a pipe, slow burning with a cool smoke.
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