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Smokers Forums Castleton Va, Bur, Lat A distinctive tobacco enjoyed by gentlemen and ladies all over the world. Made from three Virginias, Burley, and Cyprian Latakia, its the English blend youve been looking for all these years!!! Developed by David Barnes of B&B Tobacconists.
Smokers Forums Inception Va, Bur, Cav, Or Youll first taste the wonderful Red Virginia tobacco. Next will come the gently toasted Cavendish and the generous portion of the finest Turkish. To finish this one of a kind blend is a pinch of Burley from the fields of Kentucky.
Smokers Haven 20th Anniversary Mixture Lat, Or, Va The methods of the old tobacco blender, who, with the instinctive delight of a craftsman, abhorred and detested adulteration are incorporated into our newest addition to our tobacco family, 20th Anniversary Mixture. Refreshing and stimulating for the pipe, it is unsurpassed for its purity, mellowness, flavor and aroma. The most matured Turkish, the most flavorful Latakia, carefully blended with select long cut Virginia tobacco; 20th Anniversary Mixture is a blend you will appreciate, your pipe will enjoy and your friends will comment on its wonderful aroma.
Smokers Haven 40th Anniversary (none)
Smokers Haven 65th Anniversary Blend (none)
Smokers Haven Cognac Mixture
Smokers Haven Exotique Mixture Lat, Or, Va Rich, flavorful, delicious, tasty, mellow. This tells the complete story on our all new Exotique Mixture. Only the finest grade of choice ribbon-cut Virginia leaf, the most flavorful Latakia, the most mellow of Turkish tobaccos carefully blended together to achieve this rich tasting Exotique Mixture.
Smokers Haven In-B-Tween Mixture Lat, Or, Va The perfect IN-B-TWEEN tobacco, when, from the moment you jump out of bed and reach for your favorite briar til you put it back on the rack and get ready to sleep. Bowlful after bowlful, IN-B-TWEEN will please you all day.
Smokers Haven Krumble Kake Or, Lat, Va So versatile you can carry a month?s supply on you at all times. Choice Virginia, Latakia and Turkish tobaccos blended and then compressed & sliced for the smoker who likes a rich taste but doesn?t like to mess around.
Smokers Haven Our Best Blend Lat, Or, Va The pipesmokers Nectar of the Gods. An excellent blending of the finest quality string cut Virginia with prime leaves of Syrian Latakia and mild full flavored Turkish tobacco. The mixture of these bland tobaccos in Our Best Blend gives the pip-smoker a delightfully cool and tasteful smoke which burns down to a completely dry ash. For the working hours or those relaxing moments at home, you will like Our Best Blend by Smokers Haven.
Smokers Haven Pure Pleasure (none)
Smokers Pride Black Cavendish Cav Mild Black Cavendish pipe smoking tobacco.
Smokers Pride Rum
Smokers Pride Vanilla
The Smoker Civil War (none)
The Smoker Smoker (none)
The Smoker St. James
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