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Russ Ouellette Admiralty Va, Lat, Or A variety of Virginias for sweetness and spice, with enough Oriental to add to the brightness of the flavor and aroma, plus a healthy amount of a few types of Latakia. Admiralty is perfect for an early evening pipe with and after-dinner beverage.
Russ Ouellette AJs VaPer Va, Cav, Per Blended with Andrew (AJ) Smith, this is a different turn on the Virginia/Perique genre. A variety of red Virginias is combined with a generous amount of Perique, and the mixture is slightly mellowed and sweetened by Green River black Cavendish.
Russ Ouellette American Heritage Bur, Lat, Or, Va A combination of matured Burleys,Red Virginia,Turkish and a touch of Latakia. This blend will be mild and cool smoking with just a little spice. Definitely an all-day type of smoke.
Russ Ouellette Anniversary Kake Va, Per A blending Virginia that is a mixture of everything from Lemon through Brown, with an amazing aroma. Combined with St. James Perique (a good amount), heat-treated and pressed. A flavorful cake with a mouth-watering chocolate and fig overtones. --(Submitted by commonsenseman)
Russ Ouellette Armada Lat, Or, Per, Va A unique combination of Virginias, including a rich flake, Turkish and Orientals, lots of Latakia and spiced up, but cooled down by a judicious splash of St. James Perique, this tobacco has it all.
Russ Ouellette Beverwyck Bur, Lat, Per, Va An interesting, old-time blend, named after the original Dutch name for the city of Albany, NY. Three different cube cuts; a Burley, a Virginia and a hybrid, are blended together with smokey Latakia, and spicy-sweet Perique.
Russ Ouellette Butternut Burley Bur, Aro Butternut Burley is faintly reminiscent of Lanes 1Q or RLP-6 aromatic offerings, yet in a class all its own. Upon first lighting up, your initial surprise will be the complete lack of tongue bite; this holds true consistently throughout the bowl.
Russ Ouellette Capitol Stairs Bur, Aro, Per, Va Named after the famed Million-Dollar Staircase in Albany, NYs State Capitol Building, it is a truly unique combination of mild, nutty Burley, sweet Virginia and Perique, and finished off with Deer Tongue (a vanilla-like herb).
Russ Ouellette Daybreak Lat, Or, Va Virginias, Orientals and Latakia a perfect copy of the older version of Dunhill Early Morning Pipe. By Hearth & Home.
Russ Ouellette Distinguished Penguin Va, Bur, Cav, Lat This is a Scottish blend of Carolina and Virginia flake-cut, with Stoved Virginia, a light amount of Latakia, and a bit of unflavored toasted Black Cavendish. A mild and slightly sweet smoke.
Russ Ouellette Egg Nog Aro The first true aromatic in the Hearth and Home series. A light and dark mixture with rum, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg flavorings. Although the aroma is complex, pleasant and mildly sweet, the spice flavorings come through more prominently in the smoking.
Russ Ouellette English Stout Lat, Va Latakia, Latakia, Latakia ... This blend reeks of a campfire on a very cold night. This is a very heavy blend.
Russ Ouellette Grandmas Kitchen Bur, Aro, Cav, Va Nutty sweet Burleys are combined with the mild spice of red Virginia, two natural toasted black Cavendishes, and a bit of a vanilla-based steamed black Cavendish. This mild, cool blend delivers real tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness.
Russ Ouellette House of Lords Va, Lat, Or Three distinct Virginias lend spice, sweetness and a unique spirits-like taste, which is balanced out by fragrant Turkish tobacco, and plenty of rich, woodsy Latakia.
Russ Ouellette Larry’s Blend Va, Lat, Or Larry, a connoisseur of English/Balkan blends had tried Ten to Midnight, and although he liked it, he was looking for something a little fuller and different. Based on his preference, Russ blended a full, traditional Balkan.
Russ Ouellette LJ Heart Burley Bur, Cav, Va A light, naturally sweet blend created for renowned pipe maker, Lannes Johnson. Two different types of nutty Burley are laced with an unusual cube cut Virginia and a Burley-based natural toasted Black Cavendish for a splash of non-flavored sweetness.
Russ Ouellette LJ Heart Virginia Va, Per Lannes Johnson makes some of the coolest and driest smoking pipes around, but hes as particular about tobacco as he is about his craftsmanship. So for him, we combined 3 different types of red Virginia with a whisper of St. James Perique.
Russ Ouellette Louisiana Red Va, Per A great sweet and spicy blend containing two different Red Virginias and a good amount of outstanding St. James Perique. The rich, round sweetness of the Virginias are complimented by the plum and pepper hints of the cool-burning Perique.
Russ Ouellette Marble Kake Va Russ wanted to produce his own Virginia-based flake or Krumble Kake, and the result is Marble Kake. A firmly-pressed blend of Bright and Red Virginias, it comes as a solid piece, which can be broken or sliced and rubbed-out.
Russ Ouellette Mt. Marcy Or, Lat, Va This elegant blend gets its name from the highest peak in New York. This is medium-bodied Balkan blend has a complex, delicate flavor and aroma, due in part to the use of fragrant Dubec in combination with other Orientals, Latakia and choice Virginias. A great choice when you want the richness of Latakia and the bouquet of Turkish tobaccos, but dont want anything too heavy.
Russ Ouellette Namaste Va, Lat A complex, light English blend. Sweet, citrusy notes combine with a floral, toasty flavor, and is finished off with the rich smokiness of premium Latakia. Cool-burning, this is a smoke for any time.
Russ Ouellette Obsidian Lat, Cav, Per, Va An all-black blend with Latakia, Perique, toasted Black Cavendish, and stoved Virgina in such judicious amounts that no one tobacco dominates the mixture.
Russ Ouellette Old Companion Bur, Va A blend to bring back great memories. A traditional American mixture of pressed Burley and steam-toasted Red Virginia, which has a nutty/toasty flavor, and a nice cool burn. This is one for the whole day, every day.
Russ Ouellette Old Lodge Lat, Or, Va A blend of the finest grade Latakias combined with Stoved Virginias, and a hint of Balkan. This is a heavy blend perfect for cool nights with a snifter of fine Port.
Russ Ouellette Old Red Va Dark stoved Virginia and fiery red Virginia mixed together in one of our most popular blends.
Russ Ouellette Old Tartan Bur, Aro, Cav, Lat Cube and rough cut Burleys, with a splash of natural Cavendish and just enough Latakia to add a slight, smokey, spice. This blend also contains the rare herb Deer Tongue. Enjoy this taste of the past.
Russ Ouellette Owls Head Or, Lat, Per A mild yet full bodied mixture of Blended Turkish Ribbon, Latakia, with a touch of Perique.
Russ Ouellette Rolandos Own Va, Per Named for renowned pipe maker Rolando Negoita, this is a Virginia/Perique blend with Rolandos artistry in mind. A mixture of lemon, red and stoved Virginias is enlivened with a moderate dose of wonderful Perique, for a sweet and flavorful all-day smoke.
Russ Ouellette Sunjammer Va, Cav, Lat, Or A smooth and sweet blend of Bright and Red Virginias, Macedonian and other Oreintals, smoky Latakia and a touch of unflavored toasted Black Cavendish. A traditional Scottish-type mixture, a great alternative for the Dunhill 965 smoker.
Russ Ouellette Sunza Bitches Per, Bur, Va For those who prefer a little Virginia with their Perique, your ship as come in. The addition of the Burley and Bourbon toppings does set it apart a bit, its still a VaPer to the core with nothing spared when it comes to the Perique. A Perique bomb. Techincally known as Frenchys Sunza Bitches.
Russ Ouellette Ten to Midnight Va, Bur, Lat, Or A dark, full Balkan-style tobacco containing bright and matured Carolina and Virginias, a healthy mixture of Turkish, and plenty of flavorful, fragrant Latakias. A superb late-evening smoke that can stand up to a sturdy single-malt scotch.
Russ Ouellette Trout Stream Cav This is a mixture of Golden Cavendish Slices mixed with a sweet Black Cavendish. Perfect for tying flies or stepping out of your tent on a cool misty morning.
Russ Ouellette Victorian Stroll (none)
Russ Ouellette Virginia Spice Va, Per For the pipe smoker who really enjoys the clean, sweet spiciness of a mixture of matured Virginias, but who wants something a little different. The difference comes from the use of cool-smoking Perique with a little bit of cigar leaf added.
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