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  Brand Blend Type Description Who has it?
Altadis Rum & Maple Aro, Bur A familiar old classic, this blend expertly mixes Bright Virginias and rich Burleys with the contrasting flavors of Rum and Maple. Rum & Maple makes for an interesting and pleasant smoke.
Consolidated Buttered Rum Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Expertly blended by master blenders from Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley. The Cavendish style blend is then topped with a subtle mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rum which produce a tasty blend that is bite-free with a captivating aroma.
Cornell & Diehl Jamaican Rum (426)
Cornell & Diehl Plum & Rum (501A) (none)
Dunhill My Mixture - Rum Truffle (none)
Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Rum Flake Va, Aro, Bur A very rich, sweet fully flavored blend. A high proportion of naturally sweet sun-cured tobaccos in the blend. Virginia leaf, with the rest of the blend coming from Burleys and Dark-air cured contribute to a strong, but rewarding smoke.
Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Sweet Rum Twist Aro, Va This is a twist made from the same ingredients as the Black and Brown Irish X. It has additional Rum flavoring added during manufacture. Again, this is a very strong tobacco as it does not undergo the pressure cooking process.
Iwan Ries Three Star Cordials Buttered Rum Aro, Cav Pure 100% top-grade leaf wih no additives or fillers that marries well & burns slow. No heel or residue. These blends are made from the highest quality tobacco. Buttered Rum has a rich, smooth and creamy flavor for a nice all day smoke.
Lane Limited Rum & Maple Aro, Bur, Va A familiar old classic, this blend expertly mixes Bright Virginias and rich Burleys with the contrasting flavors of Rum and Maple. Rum & Maple makes for an interesting and pleasant smoke.
MacBaren Uncle Louie's Caribean Rum
Pipeworks & Wilke Rumcake Aro, Va Originally prepared as our 1993 Christmas blend, Rumcake proved so popular we made it available year round. This Jamaican rum laced blend is based on a mixture we originally made for actor Basil Rathbone. Due to the keeping characteristics of the rum flavoring we prefer to offer this mixture in 8 or 16 ounce jars. This is the finest rum mixture offered anywhere!
Radfords Rum Royal (none)
Smokers Forums Castleton Va, Bur, Lat A distinctive tobacco enjoyed by gentlemen and ladies all over the world. Made from three Virginias, Burley, and Cyprian Latakia, its the English blend youve been looking for all these years!!! Developed by David Barnes of B&B Tobacconists.
Smokers Forums Inception Va, Bur, Cav, Or Youll first taste the wonderful Red Virginia tobacco. Next will come the gently toasted Cavendish and the generous portion of the finest Turkish. To finish this one of a kind blend is a pinch of Burley from the fields of Kentucky.
Smokers Haven Krumble Kake Or, Lat, Va So versatile you can carry a month?s supply on you at all times. Choice Virginia, Latakia and Turkish tobaccos blended and then compressed & sliced for the smoker who likes a rich taste but doesn?t like to mess around.
Smokers Pride Rum
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