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Pipeworks & Wilke Barclay Mixture
Pipeworks & Wilke Bohemian Mixture Or, Cav, Va A combination of far eastern spices enriches the black Cavendish style tobacco upon which this blend is based. Can be smoked bowl after bowl.
Pipeworks & Wilke Cherry Cavendish Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Ripe cherries, gathered at the height of the season are turned into a cavendish casing and tastefully blended with rich vanilla Cavendish, Red Virginia and a light Burley. A distinctive cherry flavor and aroma.
Pipeworks & Wilke Churchill
Pipeworks & Wilke Dummerston Va Cool, dry smoking and a natural tobacco taste. This light, sweet, ready rubbed cake is the perfect Matured Virginia to smoke throughout the day.
Pipeworks & Wilke Gotham Court Cav, Or, Va A spicy aroma along with a subtle Oriental flavor. Orientals (other than Latakia) and a rich Virginia base along with two Cavendish tobaccos make up this special blend. Lightly aromatic!
Pipeworks & Wilke Gramercy Park Aro, Cav The mild and subtle flavors and aromas from fruits and liquers are combined in a golden and dark toasted Cavendish mixture to create a tastefully satisfying blend. Guaranteed to become one of your favorites.
Pipeworks & Wilke High Hat Lat, Bur, Per, Va A rare 1870s Wilke formula of selected Syrian Latakia blended with Kentucky Burley, Louisiana Périque and Golden Virginia. A pinnacle amongst English blends.
Pipeworks & Wilke Honey-Vanilla (#191) Aro, Bur, Cav, Va A tobacco for all seasons, the right aroma and the right taste make this our number one selling tobacco! Natural flavors from Vermont honey and vanilla beans are combined with Virginias and matured Kentucky Burley to create this mild, slow burning cavendish blend.
Pipeworks & Wilke Mettowee Aro, Cav Vanilla is added in bountiful portions to provide a sweet taste and marvelous aroma to this flue-cured black Cavendish. Plenty of rich flavor and an extremely mild taste.
Pipeworks & Wilke No. 196 Bur, Cav, Va This mixture of natural Virginias and Burleys and Wilkes own slightly aromatic toasted Black Cavendish is sure to please, the discerning pipesmoker. (none)
Pipeworks & Wilke No. 400 Lat, Bur, Or, Per, Va A full English blend for those who prefer something with greater body as an after dinner smoke. A base of the finest Syrian Latakia to which is added Turkish Yenidje, Kentucky Burley, Perique and Virginia in medium, long, and granulated large cuts. Not for the timid!
Pipeworks & Wilke No. 524 Va, Lat, Or This traditional British mixture consists of matured pan-fired Virginia, Syrian Latakia, and Turkish Yenidje. A rich full bodied blend.
Pipeworks & Wilke No. 78 Lat, Bur, Per, Va A classic English blend made of the finest Latakia, Louisiana Perique, a medium cut Burley and Virginias. This is an ideal blend for the smoker who enjoys a spicy and full bodied smoke that is also smooth.
Pipeworks & Wilke Nut Brown Burley Bur A distinctive blend of aged cube cut Burley. An old fashioned slow burning tobacco with a naturally pleasant aroma, and no added sweeteners.
Pipeworks & Wilke Pipemaker's Choice
Pipeworks & Wilke Reserve Navy Cake (none)
Pipeworks & Wilke Royal Scot Aro, Bur, Va The famous Royal Scot, a most aromatic blend, remains unique and unlike any other aromatic ever made. The flavoring for this classic mixture has been a closely held secret for over 100 years. This mélange of plugged Virginia, North Carolina and Burley can be smoked as is, or used to enhance your own favorite blend.
Pipeworks & Wilke Rumcake Aro, Va Originally prepared as our 1993 Christmas blend, Rumcake proved so popular we made it available year round. This Jamaican rum laced blend is based on a mixture we originally made for actor Basil Rathbone. Due to the keeping characteristics of the rum flavoring we prefer to offer this mixture in 8 or 16 ounce jars. This is the finest rum mixture offered anywhere!
Pipeworks & Wilke Vermont Maple Cavendish Aro, Bur, Cav, Va Inspired by the unforgettable aroma that rises from Vermont sugar houses in early spring. A well balanced blend of Virginia and Carolina tobaccos along with fermented Black Cavendish and just the right amount of Vermont maple syrup.
Pipeworks & Wilke Wilke No. 10 Or, Lat, Va An exotic range of orientals, including Smyrna, Davalla, Xanthi, and Shiraz are blended in perfect harmony with lemon Virginia and Latakia. A mild to medium English blend that can be smoked all day.
Pipeworks & Wilke Wilke No. 13 Lat, Bur, Cav, Per, Va A legendary Wilke mixture of Tennessee Burley, Syrian Latakia, Louisiana Périque, Virginia and Royal Scott [Cavendish]. Smooth smoking and a beautiful aroma. A great choice for a light to medium English.
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