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Peterson Connoisseur Choice Aro, Cav, Va A satisfying, spicy and aromatic blend of Black Cavendish, Golden & Red Virginia, mixed with luxury broken flake. The aromatic recipe of Tropical Fruit, Maple, Vanilla and Rum, make this blend smooth and very pleasant.
Peterson De Luxe Mixture Aro, Cav, Va This Black Cavendish aromatic is a selection of matured Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa blended with loose cut mellow Black Cavendish. A tasteful flavor consisting of Vanilla, Walnut & Honey that has been added.
Peterson Gold Blend Aro, Cav, Va A subtle, delicate, mellow tobacco. A composition of jet Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. An extremely pleasant note of Hickory nut, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon is added.
Peterson Irish Flake Va A full bodied blend made of equal proportions air-cured, flue cured, and dark fired. True to the pure, unspoiled tobacco taste and recommended for the experienced pipe smoker.
Peterson Irish Oak Cav, Bur, Per, Va A rich blend of Cavendish, Zimbabwean, Orange, Thailand Burley & Black Perique, matured in Oak Sherry Barrels. Made in Ireland.
Peterson Irish Whiskey Va, Aro, Bur A mild blend of Orange & Mahogany Virginia tobaccos with aromatic Thailand Burley & Fired Kentucky leaf, lightly flavored with Irish Whiskey.
Peterson Luxury Blend Aro, Bur, Cav, Va A smooth and exquisite blend of three different Virginias, sweetish Black Cavendish, fragrant Burley and a fabulous aroma of orange, honey and a touch of the all time favorite vanilla flavor.
Peterson Old Dublin Lat, Cav, Or, Va This mixture is based on the cool, smoky aroma of Cyprian Latakia with Golden Virginia, aromatic Black Cavendish & sweet Greek Oriental Basma grades. Made in Ireland.
Peterson Perfect Plug Va, Aro, Bur This excellent plug tobacco comprises selected Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil blended with Burley leaf from Malawi. The tobaccos are lightly cased before drying and pressing and are then heated and stored for two weeks before cutting. The result is a full bodied yet fruity blend, sure to appeal to the experienced pipe smoker.
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Va, Or An old 19th century blend of Orange & Red smoking leaf, Brazilian & Mysore Indian tobacco. Made in Ireland.
Peterson Special Reserve Limited Edition 2002 (none)
Peterson Special Reserve Limited Edition 2003 (none)
Peterson Special Reserve Limited Edition 2004 Cav, Aro, Bur, Va As always, only tobaccos of perfect quality have been used for this mixture. Black Cavendish and dark Virginia have been refined with long cut flake pieces. Tasty Burley fermented in oak barrels give a certain extra to this tobacco. An individual distinctive hops flavour gives an exquisite aroma and an extraordinary taste to complete this blend.
Peterson Special Reserve Limited Edition 2005 (none)
Peterson Special Reserve Limited Edition 2006
Peterson Sunset Breeze Aro, Bur, Cav, Va This excellent mixture is a blend of first choice Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish. A promise for a unique smoking experience which is crowned by a wonderful Amaretto aroma that also gives enjoyment to the smokers surroundings.
Peterson Sweet Killarney Aro, Bur, Cav, Va A unique mixture of selected tobaccos including Virginia Burley and Maryland leaf with some Black Cavendish and topped with a Cream Caramel flavor. To make this wonderful tobacco even more attractive, it is blended with hand-rubbed Virginia flake.
Peterson University Flake Va, Aro, Bur Mahogany, Burley and Kentucky blended tobacco created by Peterson for the thinking man.
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