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Cornell & Diehl Oriental Silk (414) Va, Or, Per Perique, bright flake, Turkish flake and bright Virginia ribbon combine to make a memorable smoke.
Davidoff Oriental Mixture Or, Va First class tobaccos combine to form this outstanding Oriental Blend. Made in Holland.
McClelland Blending Oriental Or Straight Oriental, meant for mixing your own blends.
McClelland Bulk No.2045 Oriental Mixture Or, Lat, Va Soft and sweet, rich in light Orientals and Carolina tobaccos, with somewhat less Latakia than 2040. A fine medium mixture.
McClelland Bulk No.2050 Oriental Cavendish Mix Or, Cav This is an unusual mixture, because it contains no Latakia, yet still has the round, rich flavor one would expect from this style of tobacco. Liberal quantities of Orientals and a special Virginia Cavendish made with Eastern Belt Carolina leaf combine with Black Cavendish to make this a tobacco that will satisfy a great variety of tastes.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Black Sea Sokhoum Or, Va A strain of Samsun grown on the mountain slopes beyond the far Eastern shore of the Black Sea, this classic Oriental tobacco, considered by many to be among the finest grown, lends depth and a mild, sweet, mid-cigar-like flavor to this elegant Matured Virginia blend.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Classic Samsun Or In the hinterlands just south of the Black Sea in Eastern Turkey, these prized Oriental tobaccos draw their sweet, nutty flavor from the rocky soil as they have done for 350 years. Enjoy the distinctive, mellow, pleasant character of the famed Samsun in this fine blend.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Drama Reserve Or The famed Drama leaf is sweet and subtle with a natural olive oil fragrance. It is grown on the Southern slopes and foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, the Classic Drama Basma District in Greek Eastern Macedonia, and includes the renowned Mahalia. It is refreshing, delicate, intriguing. This blend is designed to demonstrate just why the classic top-grade Drama leaf is so celebrated.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Katerini Classic Va, Or The small, heart-shaped Katerini leaf, grown from Samsun seed on mountain slopes in Greek Western Macedonia, is delicate, elastic, robust. The aroma is subtle. Notice the sweet, mild, curry-like flavor in this mellow Virginia-based blend. Easy to pack, delightful to smoke.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Smyrna No. 1 Or, Va Back when Istanbul was Constantinople, Izmir tobacco was Smyrna. A rose by any other name... These tiny, top-grade tobacco leaves from mountainous Western Turkey across from the Island of Khlos have long been prized as the most aromatic of all Orientals. They grown dense and extremely fragrant in this dry country moistened by Mediterranean Sea breezes. Smyrna is the defining ingredient in this sophisticated Oriental blend. Also, theres a whole Smyrna leaf on the inside top of the tin-- leaves of oriental varietals are quite small compared to the Virginias and Burleys that most of us would readily recognize.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Yenice Agonya Or Grown near the Sea of Marmara, not far from the ancient Troy or Illium, this wide, fine-textured, reddish yellow Turkish tobacco variety is renowned for being smooth on the palate with a delicate aroma. Yenice is pronounced Yenidje in Turkish, and the Agonya seed from which it is grown is of Xanthi origin (that first Yenidje of legend). This blend is designed to highlight the beautiful Agonya leafs mellow taste and subtle fragrance.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Yenidje Highlander Or, Lat, Va A classic mixture of Yenidje, from the very mountain district where its fame began, with both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia and just enough Matured Red Virginia and mellow Maryland to create an incredibly smooth, cool-smoking Oriental Mixture of outstanding character.
McClelland Grand Orientals: Yenidje Supreme Or The finest of Xanthi in this blend comes from the best original Yenidje growing area of Western Thrace. These small, delicately aromatic top leaves from the mountains (Djebel) and lower slopes (Yaka) have been renowned for their sweet, mild flavor and delicately tangy aroma since the 1600s. This blend is designed to demonstrate why this particular Xanthi is known as The Queen of Tobaccos.
McClelland Oriental No.1 Va, Or A well balanced, mild smoke, McClellands Oriental #1 adds just a touch of Oriental tobacco to a light blend of Golden and Orange Virginias. Though perhaps not for the lover of stronger oriental blends, this pleasantly smooth tobacco would make for a nice change for a lover of Virginias.
McClelland Oriental No.12 Va, Lat, Or A pleasantly robust smoke. Spiced with moderate quantities of Latakia and Turkish tobaccos, Orange and Red Virginias provide the base for this traditional English. It is sufficiently substantial to appeal to the lover of a hearty English and yet #12 is smooth enough for the smoker of lighter English or Virginia blends to enjoy it as an after dinner or evening smoke.
McClelland Oriental No.14 Or, Lat, Va This hearty blend of Black, rich Virginias and Latakia combined with a liberal spicing of Orientals makes for a powerful, sophisticated blend. Oriental #14 is a pleasure, especially for the lover of strong, rich blends.
McClelland Oriental No.6 Va, Lat, Or McClellands medium bodied tobacco in their Oriental Mixture line, #6 is a well balanced combination of robust Orange Virginias spiced with Orientals and hints of Latakia.
McClelland Oriental No.8 Va, Or An extremely refined medium mixture, its soft round flavor due to the fully rubbed matured red cake tobaccos forming its base. Lightly sweet, smooth and rich, a truly mellow smoke.
Peretti Oriental No. 40
Peretti Oriental No.40
Peter Stokkebye English Oriental Supreme Va, Bur, Cav, Lat This classic blend brings together the finest mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprus Latakia, while evoking an exotic flair uniquely its own.
Robert McConnell Oriental Or, Va A century old formula, traditional mixture of Oriental and Virginia tobaccos.
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