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John Aylesbury English Mixture Cav, Bur, Lat, Va A refined blend with the main components being Bright Virginia, Black Cavendish and Burley. A real classic for the lover of true tobacco pleasure. The flavor is mild, but well balanced, since the Black Cavendish isnt overly sweet and the Latakia is more of a ghost in the background.
John Aylesbury Finest British Lat, Bur, Or, Va A blend of the best English tradition. Blended in aged copper drums. Made from the best tobaccos in the world: Red Kentucky, Virginia, Turkish, Carolina Black and Syrian Latakia. Mild to medium taste with an unobtrusive smoky note. A blend for pipe smokers who know to appreciate an unsweetened English tobacco.
John Aylesbury Latakia Blend Lat, Va A typical English blend, of mild flavor and strength, made of Latakia and a small portion of Virginia tobaccos. This extraordinary pipe tobacco is characterized by a dry and smoky taste.
John Aylesbury Luxury Flake Va The basis of this really fine Danish-type blend is made exclusively from Virginia top qualities. A Navy Cut with a refined and smooth taste with the original Virginia tobacco-sweetness. A tobacco that will please more than the Flake aficionados.
John Aylesbury Mixture No. 666 Aro, Cav, Va Aromatic Virginia and twice fermented, fine Black Cavendish are the main components of this smooth Danish tobacco. The blend is characterized by a fine, unobtrusively sweet taste. Especially recommended for beginners.
John Aylesbury Own Mixture Lat, Aro, Or, Per, Va This interesting blend produced in a traditional English way convinces by its unique character. The tobacco is traditionally pressed, cut and roasted and processed in a sophisticated manner. Its blended with Oriental, Louisiana Perique, the finest Latakia and aromatic Virginia tobaccos which make this blend a classic experience of English style. An exquisite tobacco for friends of handmade flakes.
John Aylesbury Scottish Blend Or, Cav, Lat, Va Orient tobaccos, Latakia, Black Cavendish, Dark Virginia and Bright Virginia in different cuts, masterfully blended. This exceptional blend guarantees an unobtrusive smoking pleasure. A delicacy for the enthusiastic pipe smoker.
John Aylesbury Sir Johns Flake Virginia Va A pure Virginia specialty. Elegant and mellow smoke. A Danish-type blend. With an unobtrusive aroma and a fine sweetness on the tongue.
John Aylesbury Summerhill Aro, Cav, Va A fragrant blend with the flavor of exotic fruit and a hint of Bourbon vanilla. Golden Virginia Grades with a high grade of aromatic sweetness is used for this tobacco. It is matured for several weeks with an especially mellow Black Cavendish.
John Aylesbury Virginia Blend Cav, Lat, Va A full-bodied blend from superior Virginia tobaccos with a large portion of Black Cavendish, rounded off with Latakia. The Cavendish gives this tobacco its extravagant taste and its pleasantly earthy fragrance.
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