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  Brand Blend Type Description Who has it?
Iwan Ries Balkin Supreme
Iwan Ries China Black Fire Cured Aro, Cav More black leaf than light for dark Cavendish fans. This wonderful tasting blend has an aroma that will make friends for your pipe wherever you take it.
Iwan Ries China Black Vanilla Burley Aro, Bur An all light leaf Burley blend with the subtle taste and aroma of vanilla. A cool smoking treat everyone will love!
Iwan Ries China Black Whiskey Aro, Bur, Cav A mixture of light and dark leaf laced with the flavor of fine Kentucky whiskey. Super taste plus super aroma.
Iwan Ries Gourmet English Or, Lat, Va A fine, well-balanced blend of naturally aromatic Turkish, smoked Latakia and mello, aged Virginia tobaccos, rich in flavor, smooth, cool-burning.
Iwan Ries International (none)
Iwan Ries Spilman Mixture Bur, Lat, Or, Va The return of an old favorite, Spilman Mixture is a classically complex English blend of Virginia, Latakia, Turkish and cubed Burley that hasnt been available for 70 years! The reinvention of this classic tobacco took years of research and development. Presented in a detailed recreation of the original can, right down to the replica tax stamp, Spilman Mixture features the coarse cut favored by pipe smokers in the last century, and an honest, straight forward tobacco flavor. As the can says, Discriminating Smokers smoke and recommend Spilman Mixture on account of its purity. Spilman Mixture is of incomparable Quality. The combination contains the choicest tobaccos. Its rich aroma is guaranteed to be Natures own. Spilman Mixture is irresistible for anyone interested in trying what their great-great grandfather smoked.
Iwan Ries Three Star Blue Bur, Or, Va Balanced taste, smooth and mild. Purportedly, the most popular private label tobacco in the country. Enjoyed equally by the pipe gourmet and those around? The unique character and taste of this world famous blend has made it our all-time favorite!
Iwan Ries Three Star Cordials Buttered Rum Aro, Cav Pure 100% top-grade leaf wih no additives or fillers that marries well & burns slow. No heel or residue. These blends are made from the highest quality tobacco. Buttered Rum has a rich, smooth and creamy flavor for a nice all day smoke.
Iwan Ries Three Star Cordials Cherry Aro, Cav Three Star Cordial Cherry Aromatic is not sweet smelling or perfume like. It has no sryupy taste and theres never a bite. Its a cool and very tasty pipe tobacco. It has a very nice roomnote and it has a nice flavorful aftertaste.
Iwan Ries Three Star Cordials Vanilla Aro, Cav Vanilla aromatic.
Iwan Ries Three Star Ebony (none)
Iwan Ries Three Star Gold
Iwan Ries Three Star Gray (none)
Iwan Ries Three Star Green Va, Bur, Cav Balanced using top-quality, high-grade luxury leaf for satisfying, and most smooth and gentle to the tongue.
Iwan Ries Three Star Red
Iwan Ries Three Star Royal Lat, Aro, Cav, Or, Va Rich, full-flavored tasted with a pleasant aroma. Extremely satisfying, and most smooth and gentle to the tongue.
Iwan Ries Virginia Flake Va Virginia flake tobacco.
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