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Search results for "Fribourg & Treyer" (11 matches)
  Brand Blend Type Description Who has it?
Fribourg & Treyer 34th Mixture Lat, Cav, Va Medium strength mixture, light in body, with double broad cut Virginia, natural Black Cavendish and Latakia.
Fribourg & Treyer Blackjack Va A ready-rubbed pure red Virginia plug.
Fribourg & Treyer Cut Blended Plug Va A light red Virginia flake, slightly sweet with natural flavoring.
Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug Va A full bodied, medium to full strength pressed flake. Very complex from start to finish with a well balanced taste that is both spicy and subtly sweet.
Fribourg & Treyer Evans Blend Cav, Va A blend of pure Virginia and Black Cavendish with no condiment tobaccos.
Fribourg & Treyer Golden Mixture Va A choice blend of golden Virginia tobaccos.
Fribourg & Treyer Special Brown Flake Va, Aro A medium brown Virginia flake with a top note of Navy rum.
Fribourg & Treyer Vanners Mixture Va, Cav Red and gold Virginia blended with a touch of Black Cavendish.
Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Va A medium to full bodied Virginia flake, this sumptuous blend is composed of red, light and black pressed Virginias.
Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No.2 Mixture Va, Lat A mild English blend of Virginias and Latakia.
Fribourg & Treyer Wingate Mixture Lat, Per, Va Classic English mixture with a subtle dash of Perique.
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