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Comptons of Galashiels Balkan Lat, Or, Va A true Balkan with the main note being Oriental, a large amount of Latakia with Turkish on a base of Red, Bright & Flake Virginias. A classic Balkan. Rich in Oriental and Latakia with Red ribbon and flake Virginias. Full but not overpowering.
Comptons of Galashiels Commonwealth Mixture Va A Virginia mixture suitable for any time of the day. Steamed Red Virginia, Red & Golden Virginia are blended together to be extremely cool burning and flavorful. Made to commemorate Sir Walter Raleigh founding the Virginia Colony in 1585. (none)
Comptons of Galashiels Cuba Style Cigar Blend Va, Cav, Or, Per A unique English style cigar blend. Steamed red Virginia, bright flake, black Cavendish, Orientals, rare Greek Dubec, cigar leaf, a touch of Perique and added Romeo & Juliet cigar filler. Truely exceptional with high and low notes and smooth consistency throughout. This blend is a little more expensive than most due to the use of Romeo Y Julieta cigar filler.
Comptons of Galashiels Macedonian Mixture Or, Lat, Va A full blend with dark Virginias and a very high proportion of Orientals including rare Yenidje and Latakia.
Comptons of Galashiels Mixture #10 Lat, Cav, Va This is a medium English. It is 35% Latakia with Djubec, Lemon and Black Virginia and a hint of Black Cavendish. Exceptionally smooth and suitable as an all-day smoke. This was supposedly smoked by David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain during The Great War, hence the name.
Comptons of Galashiels No. 14 Lat, Or, Va A variety of red Virginias and 35% Latakia is blended with Turkish ribbon. This is an incredibly smooth mixture suitable as an all day smoke. It is very reminiscent of the Dunhill White Spot blend.
Comptons of Galashiels Regimental Mixture Va, Lat, Or Developed for Officers of Alexandras Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regiment) during The Great War. A full English mixture combining fifty-percent dark Virginias and the balance Oriental and Latakia. Slow burning with a white ash. (none)
Comptons of Galashiels Reserve #21 Or, Cav, Va English blend - 50% Turkish & Orientals with Black Cavendish and a small amount of Lake District Virginia.
Comptons of Galashiels Square Mile Va, Cav, Lat, Or, Per Square Mile, it took us three years to get this Compton s recipe right based on the original recipe. Red Cake, Carolina Virginia, Bright Flake, Black Cavendish, Dubeck, Turkish, Latakia, a touch of Perique and rubbed out Virginia Flake; all combine to make a smooth complex smoking mixture for the discriminating palate. It has no bite and is suitable as an all day smoke.
Comptons of Galashiels Sutherlands Scottish Lat, Cav, Or, Va This is full strength mixture. It is 50% Virginias and Cavendish Virginia and a high proportion of Turkish with the Latakia providing a background note. The taste is full with a pronounced dark flavor. A medium strength mixture that is fifty-percent Dark Virginias and fifty-percent Oriental and Latakia. (none)
Comptons of Galashiels Viceroy Va, Lat, Or An exceptionally smooth English mixture. Turkish and Djubec balance with Carolina Leaf, Lemon Virginia. Then a small amount of Latakia is added. Creating a very delicate yet full flavored mixture. Suitable for all-day enjoyment. A light English mixture of Turkish and Dubek balance with Carolina leaf, Lemon Virginia, and a small amount of Latakia. (none)
Comptons of Galashiels York Mixture Full Lat, Cav, Or, Va A very full English blend verging on being a Balkan. It took three years to get this blend right. It is over 45% Latakia with a heavy helping of Orientals with Cavendish and brown Virginias. The blend has no bite or acidity. The blend is so smooth it is surprising.
Comptons of Galashiels York Mixture Medium Lat, Cav, Or, Va A full English blend. It took three years to get this blend right. It is 45% Latakia with a heavy helping of Orientals with brown Cavendish and Virginias. It is lighter and somewhat sweeter than the York Full Mixture. (none)
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